The Thunder range offers a complete battery management solution, whether you need a simple, reliable battery charger, or you’re sustaining a fully self-sufficient camping set up by incorporating a range of battery chargers, jump starter, DC-DC charger and battery isolator.

The extensive range of battery chargers means there is one to suit every need, offering six different 8-stage chargers ranging from 4-30 amps. The 8-stage charging cycle extends the life span of your battery and features fault identification, pulse mode charging to reduce oxidation, maintain electrolyte consistency and combat stratification, as well as reverse polarity and overcharge protection.

The Thunder battery chargers are suitable for all 12V vehicles and keep your auxiliary battery charged allowing you to run accessories such as fridges and lights without draining your vehicle’s starting battery.

Also included in the range is a 20 amp DC-DC Charger with solar regulator. The DC-DC Charger takes power from either your vehicle’s alternator or solar panels. The built-in solar regulator runs solar panels at maximum efficiency, inputting 300 watts at 25 volts. The 20 amp output will charge your auxiliary battery whilst driving, and automatically switches to solar input when the vehicle is turned off or the main battery drops to 11.9V. The charger is simple to install with four mounting holes and four easy to use wiring studs and boasts a comprehensive LED display so you know exactly what phase of charging is occurring. Equipped with all the safety features of the accompanying Thunder battery charger range, the DC-DC Charger also has a temperature cut off where its rate of charge begins to decrease when it reaches 50 degrees Celsius and cuts out completely at 80 degrees Celsius.

Recently added to the Thunder battery management range is the Dual Battery Isolator. The Battery Isolator prevents auxiliary items such as fridges from drawing too much power from your vehicle’s starting battery and draws power only from the auxiliary battery when the vehicle is not running. It also helps manage charging by first allowing charge to flow only through to the main battery, before connecting charge to the auxiliary battery once the main battery reaches a pre-determined charge level. Thunder’s Battery Isolator detects when the starting battery drops below 12.8 volts, directing charge only from the auxiliary battery, preventing the main battery from draining. It is fully programmable and features engage, disengage, alarm voltages and times. The Battery Isolator is 100 amp continuous rated, has a remote monitoring option and has a jump start function.

When all else fails, the Thunder Jump Starter will come to the rescue. A high performance lithium battery, it is capable of jump starting any lifeless car, multiple times from one charge. Producing a massive 18,000 milli amp hours, it has the capacity to provide power to your electronic devices as well as any jump starting needs which may arise. Chargeable through 240 volt mains power or 12 volt in vehicle connections, the Thunder Jump Starter is your secret weapon to get your car started and charge your mobile electronic devices, holding charge for up to six months and fully charging in just eight hours.

Thunder is your connection to your weekend escape and the battery management range ensures that not only do you avoid becoming stranded in the middle of your adventure, but you don’t have to give up any creature comforts (or a cold beer), either. The full range of chargers can be viewed here or see your local stockist for more information.