Passenger and 4WD interiors have transformed a lot over the last decade with many advancements including rear parking cameras coming standard in most vehicles and even high tech vehicle parking systems in others.

With the changes in the layout of vehicles means that aftermarket 12V accessory switches can’t always be mounted on the dash due to vehicles not coming with blanks. To combat this issue 4WD owners would often have to cut into the dash and carefully install monitoring and rocker switches. This process can be cumbersome and takes away from the factory finish aesthetic look.

Thunder’s answer to this issue is the release of the Touch Switch Mirror, a must have 12V monitoring accessory. The mirror easily clips over your existing rear view mirror and can monitor up to two batteries and control up to 8 different accessories all through its clever touch function.

This device is easy to install and comes with a 3-metre cable connecting it to the mirror. The small control box can be mounted out of the way and keeps your window free of messy cables and also comes with 24 different accessory labels to suit common 12V accessories.

For more information about Thunder’s Touch Switch Mirror, click here.