Thunder’s Battery Isolator is the key to keeping your dual battery system running at maximum efficiency.

The Battery Isolator prevents auxiliary items such as fridges from drawing too much power from your vehicle’s starting battery and draws power only from the auxiliary battery when the vehicle is not running. It also helps manage charging by first allowing charge to flow only through to the main battery, before connecting charge to the auxiliary battery once the main battery reaches a pre-determined charge level.

In a standard dual battery setup, when your vehicle is turned off, your fridge will draw power from both the starting battery and the auxiliary battery. If your fridge is running all night, it could potentially drain your vehicle’s starting battery, preventing you from starting the vehicle the next day. Thunder’s Battery Isolator detects when the starting battery drops below 12.8 volts, directing charge only from the auxiliary battery, preventing the main battery from draining.

The Thunder Battery Isolator is a crucial component for effective battery management. As a solid state unit, it has no moving parts that can wear out, extending the longevity of the product.

For more information on the Thunder Battery Isolator, visit our product showroom or your local Thunder stockist.