If you haven’t heard of the Thunder Battery Monitor then boy you’re missing out.

Why you need to monitor your battery?

Whether you’re travelling through the Simpson Desert in extreme heat or trekking through Victorian high-country during the middle of winter, your battery health may perform differently depending on the conditions you’re in. Understanding efficiency of your battery can help advise impending battery failure, increase battery capacity and even extend your battery life.

Key features:

For starters, battery health data is easily accessed via easy-to-use single LCD monitor, the interface incorporates:

  • Remaining percentage capacity,
  • Current remaining capacity (Ah/mAh)
  • Charging or discharging time remaining
  • Battery voltage including power usage Watts/hr.
  • Low-power standby mode when the charge/discharge current is less than 40mA.

Suitable Applications:

Commonly fitted to camper trailers and caravans, Thunder’s Battery Monitor is also suitable for 4WD’s and SUVs with fridge drawers or shelving in the rear of vehicles. Increasing in popularity is the installation of battery monitors in Slide on Campers and ute canopies due to a number of items being run off auxiliary batteries.

Thunder makes it easier than ever easy to install with full comprehensive instructions included in the box and conveniently located online just in case you need to trouble shoot on the road.

Importance of a ‘shunt’:

The easiest way to understand the purpose of a shunt is to think of it as flow-meter for electrical current. The major thing to remember is that all earth returns that connect directly to the battery must flow through the shunt. Thunder offers step by step instructions on how to wire in the shunt making it very easy for DIY installation. We always recommend getting in touch with a qualified auto electrician for fitment advice if you aren’t confident.

Suitable Batteries:

Thunder’s 12V battery monitor is designed to work with most 12 Volt Gel, Lead Acid, Lithium, AGM, Deep Cycle, Lithium Ion phosphate and Calcium batteries. Thunder is making it easier and more convenient for owners to monitor the health of their batteries with the easy-to-use monitor.

For more technical information about the Thunder Battery Monitor or to find your local stockist click here.