Thunder’s all new Rechargeable Camping Lantern has landed just in time for the shorter days and cooler nights.Camping enthusiasts will know that the one thing you don’t want to be without when setting up for a night is a trusty source of light. Every campsite needs at least one rechargeable lantern as a backup power source. 

With winter settling in, now is the perfect time to put it through its paces by reaching out to a couple Thunder enthusiasts and giving them the opportunity to use them on a recent east coast Australia road trip.

Tom and Matt are young, adventure hungry outdoor enthusiasts that love nothing more than hitting the dirt tracks and open beaches.

Now these boys don’t have the craziest, outlandish, expensive 4WD set ups but they have the essentials covered.

With free camping in mind the guys made their way down to Crescent Heads, NSW for a couple of days surfing before tracking further south to Treachery Beach, a back beach of Seal Rocks.  

Over the week-long trip, the fellas were able to keep their phones charged via USB charge port along charging the lantern in the car when required.

Matt said the “rubberized housing made it perfect to sit on the tailgate of the Ute without being worried about it sliding or scratching his car”. He also mentioned how sturdy and strong the components were making an accidental drop in the sand not a total disaster.

Matt was stoked to use the handle to hang the lantern inside his swag adjusting the lantern’s brightness to suit his needs.

The Thunder Camping Lantern features:

  • Powerful 680 lumen light output
  • 3 hour operating time at full power draw
  • Battery power bank for charging mobile devices
  • Charge indicators

Heading into the cooler months this is a must have camping accessory!

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