Don’t let a flat battery spoil your fun

Suited to a range of vehicles and applications, Thunder can charge Gel, Calcium, AGM and Lead Acid batteries with a multi-stage algorithm which increases the life of your battery.

  • Fully automatic charge sequence
  • True 8 stage charger with pulse boost, analysis and float stages
  • Reverse polarity indicator and spark protection
  • LED charge stage display
  • Charges a battery from 0 volts
  • Maximum case temperature of 56°C
  • Sealed IP rated case stops water, dust and oil ingress
  • Quality Japanese transformers
  • Charger can be left on to maintain batteries
  • Calcium mode works to reduce calcium build up and increase battery life
  • Power supply modes on 20 and 30A models


How Thunder chargers work

Once connected the charger enters desulphation mode, putting a variable voltage through the battery to stimulate the battery plates and remove acid build up. After approximately 60 seconds it then progresses into the three key charging modes. During analysis the charger detects the state of the battery and will decide if a bulk current is needed to top up the battery or if a constant supply of power is required to maintain the voltage levels. The charger will automatically shift through the stages to determine the best rate of charge for the battery.

The battery can stay connected to the charger indefinitely without concern as the software will keep it charged at 100% while the maintenance stage will work to prolong the life of the battery.

The diagram below outlines the eight charging stages and demonstrates the level of charge and amps being used to charge the battery.

Top 3 reasons to regularly charge your batteries

Maximise your battery life. The desulphation stage extend the life of a battery.

Save time, money and environment. Reduce costs of towing, call out fees, mechanic costs, replacement batteries and lost time by maintaining and monitoring the state of your battery.

Multiple vehicles, one charger. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you can buy one charger to maintain your car, motorbike and 4WD, reducing maintenance costs and requirements across all vehicles.

12V chargers from just $160!

30A Battery Charger

Charge 12 volt large vehicles, agricultural equipment, buses and boats.

  • 8 stage pulse
  • Suits batteries rated 40-550Ah, 800-1,000 CCA
  • Integrated 15A power supply

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20A Battery Charger

Comprehensive LED display helps you monitor the battery level of your large 12 volt vehicles, caravans and boats.

  • 8 stage pulse
  • Suits batteries rated 35-350Ah, 650-800 CCA
  • Integrated 10A power supply

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12A Battery Charger

Suits larger 12 volt vehicles including SUVs and 4WDs as well as larger caravans.

  • 8 stage pulse
  • Suits batteries rated 20-220Ah, 500-650 CCA
  • As the charger increases the charge in the battery, the Thunder logo illuminates

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8A Battery Charger

Suited to charge higher power 12 volt vehicles including small cars, most motorbikes and caravans.

  • 8 stage pulse
  • Suits batteries rated 15-150Ah, 350-500 CCA
  • Fully automatic system analyses your battery to provide the best rate of charge

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6A Battery Charger

Suited to charge small 12 volt personal vehicles including dirt bikes, small outboard boats and recreational vehicles.

  • 8 stage pulse
  • Suits batteries rated 10-100Ah, 200-350 CCA
  • Reverse polarity warning prevents damaging your vehicle

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4A Battery Charger

Perfect for small, low amp 12 volt recreational vehicles and agricultural equipment such as personal watercraft and lawn mowers.

  • 8 stage pulse
  • Suits batteries rated 6-70Ah, 50-200 CCA
  • Pulse mode improves battery efficiency and increases life

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