When you’re thinking about winching, you’re probably just thinking about getting your vehicle out of a bind, quickly. However it is a process fraught with hazards, so it is important to ensure maximum safety; this means top quality mechanisms and the strongest parts.

All Thunder winches come equipped with Dyneema® rope, which is regarded as the strongest fibre in the world and the obvious choice for ensuring a safe vehicle recovery.

The advantages of Dyneema® rope over traditional steel winch cables are boundless. Dyneema® has very limited stretch in comparison to steel cable, allowing it to maintain its strength and integrity over multiple uses. It also floats on water, preventing the rope from snagging on any hidden underwater obstacles.

A known danger in winching is the recoil of the cable in the unfortunate instance that it snaps, potentially causing very serious injury to users and bystanders. In the unlikely circumstance that a Dyneema® rope breaks, it will drop straight to the ground, without recoil, removing the threat of injury. Of course, to ensure maximum safety it is still essential to use a damper during any kind of recovery.

Lighter and easier to handle and resistant to kinks and rust, using Dyneema® rope in place of steel cable simply makes the winching experience easier and hassle-free.

If you still feel like there is plenty of life left in your winch but are ready to make the switch to Dyneema®, the Thunder range includes both 11mm x 24m and 9.5mm x 26m ropes to replace your cable. Just remember to update your fairlead with a hawse fairlead suitable for rope and you’re ready to go!

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