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2000W Power Inverter

Keep your devices charged and your appliances powered up during your outdoor travels with the Thunder 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. These intelligent devices convert the DC current from your vehicles battery into AC current giving you access to the same type of 240V power you get at home. The Thunder inverters include overload, short circuit and over-temperature protection and load-controlled cooling fan, which is engaged when power consumption reaches a certain level preventing further damage to your battery. Whether you are looking for a small inverter to run something from your car or camper trailer, or you want to power a range of appliances from your boat, the Thunder 600/1000/2000W inverters have got you covered.

  • Removable 2.4-inch Bluetooth colour LCD display with touch screen functionality for switching main unit on/off and displaying
    • inverter input voltage
    • amperage
    • output AC wattage
    • low voltage warning
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing
  • Highly efficient power processing with 90% efficiency
  • Permanent mounting points
  • Low voltage warning at 11.5V with flashing voltage reading on the voltage gauge
  • Shuts down output at 11V along with visible warning on LCD screen
  • Over/under voltage, output short circuit, over temperature protection
  • Automatic temperature reduction with rear cooling fan
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dual 240VAC outlet
  • Automatic AC transfer switch senses when 240VAC input connected (2000W inverter only)

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Part Number: TDR022000



Continuous Output Power 2000W
Peak Power (only for a short time) 4000W
Output Overload Protection (manual restart) 2200W
Output Voltage 240V
Efficiency (full load) 90%
AC Transfer Switch Yes
Transfer Switch Speed ≤0.5s
Safety Switch N/A
RCD Switch Protection 10A240VAC, t≤0.1s
Input Cable Type Supplied 70cm AWG3 (25mm2) 100% copper fully insulated
External Fuse Specification 150A
Measurements 435 x 233 x 95mm (80mm C2C Mount holes)
Minimum Input Voltage 11V
Output Frequency 50Hz

Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Input Voltage Range 11-15V
Input Low Voltage Warning 11.5V
Input Low Voltage Cut-off 11V
Input Over-Voltage Cut-Off (automatically resets) 15.5V
Standby Current (when main switch is off) 11mA
No Load Working Current (when main switch is off) 0.5-0.6A
Protection Systems (output) Over/under-voltage protection, overheating protection, overload protection, output short circuit protection
LCD Display Functions Displays output power, input voltage, input current and also has an on/off button for switching unit on/off
LCD Screen Extra Cable Length 0.3m and 1.7m extension cable for LCD display unit power supply
Internal Operating Temperature Range -10°C – 50°C
Internal Over-Temperature Protection (requires manual reset) 60°C – 65°C
Cooling Fan Single brushless fan (automatic operation)
Fan Control Method Temperature maintained at 40°C±10°C
Approvals CE, EMC, AS/NZS 4763:2011

AC Transfer Switch

The Thunder 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is conveniently designed with the addition of an automatic transfer switch to allow a seamless transition from DC input to 240V mains power and vice versa. This allows you the flexibility of using DC power when on the road or staying off the grid or utilising 240V power while staying at powered sites without having to manually switch between input modes. The switch does this by sensing when AC power going into the back of the unit’s AC terminals (shown to the right). The DC input will be bypassed and cut off to ensure no current draw from the DC battery. This then prompts the 240V AC outlets at the front and the 3 AC terminals at the back to become operational. When using DC input only the 2 front power points become active – NOT the rear power point. This process happens in 0.5 seconds to ensure there is no disruption to powering the essentials in your caravan or motorhome. The 2.4 inch LCD screen displays the AC input mode on the top left corner and will display an input of 0V, 0A and 0W to allow complete visibility of the unit.

Overload Protection:
This occurs when an appliance draws capacity greater than the inverter can provide. Output AC power will be stopped. This protection state will need to be manually reset by removing the load, turning off the switch and then turning on the unit to be used again.
Over Temperature Protection:
If the internal inverter temperature goes above 60°C, the output will be stopped and will need to be manually reset. If this occurs remove the load, power down the device and inverter and leave the unit to cool down. Check the operation of the cooling fans and whether they are blocked or not by -dust or debris. Then turn the switch back on to begin using the inverter again.
Low voltage protection:
If the source battery level falls below 11.5V, the unit will emit low voltage warnings. If the source battery voltage falls below 11 V, output will be stopped and the unit will need to be manually reset by removing the load, turning off the switch and then turning on the switch again. Continued operation of the inverter will only occur if the source battery voltage rises above 11.5V.

Safety Note: As the unit uses 240V power, it must be wired by a licensed auto electrician.

Integrated Bluetooth LCD Screen

The Thunder 600/1000/2000W Power Inverters come with a 2.4-inch Bluetooth LCD display with touch screen functionality for switching the main unit on/off from up to 10m away from the inverter installation location. While the device is in use, the LCD screen will show the inverters output power, input voltage,  amperage, output wattage and also low voltage warning allowing you to have better visibility of your device’s functionality. The inverter also features a small Bluetooth icon on the top of the screen which will be displayed if there is signal received from the main unit. If the input battery voltage reaches 11.5V, the voltage display value will start to flash, the low voltage warning will occur and the output power will shut down in order to prevent further power draw from the battery.

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