6A Battery Charger

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Reliable workshop 6A battery charger perfect for small equipment and vehicles including dirt bikes, quad bikes, small cars, boats and ATVs.

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Input Voltage: 240VAC / 50HZ
Type: 8 Stage Pulse
Approval: CE, EMC, SAA and C-TICK
Safety Protection: Over charging, reversing polarity (flashing LED), Short circuit and over temperature
Minimum Start Voltage: ≤0 Volts
Operating Temperature: -15°C – +50°C
Maximum Charging Current: 6 Amps
Ideally Suited Battery Ratings: 10-100Ah, 200-350CCA

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The sophisticated 6A battery charger utilises a fully automatic computer system to charge most 12 volt GEL, AGM, Lead Acid and Calcium batteries used in smaller recreational vehicles.

Simple to install with intuitive safety features to protect from overcharging and reverse polarity problems, it is suitable for 10-100Ah and 150Ah for maintenance (200 to 350CCA).

Features an 8 stage algorithm which includes pulse mode technology to help reduce oxidation, maintain electrolyte consistency and combat stratification, effectively providing longer battery life.


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