9,000kg Snatch Block


A snatch block effectively doubles the capacity of your winch by reducing the workload. It also increases the versatility of the winch by changing the angles you winch from. The Thunder snatch block has a 9,000kg working load limit (WLL), a 15,000kg minimum breaking strength and can be used for rope or cables between 8mm and 13mm.

Rope or Cable Size: 8mm to 13mm
Safe Working Load:
Breaking Strain: 15,000kg

Available downloads:

Shipping and online ordering only available within Australia.

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Make your next recovery easier with the use of a Snatch Block. The snatch block is rated to 9,000kg and increases the capacity of your winch by reducing the work load using mechanical advantage.

Confidently approach your next adventure knowing you can safely get out of any difficult situation with the Thunder Recovery range. Offering a comprehensive suite of products including winches and accessories, recovery straps and a complete recovery kit, Thunder is the perfect 4WD companion for any weekend escape.


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