Nothing beats packing up the car and heading to the great outdoors; being able to relax at a campsite for a few days can really help you unwind and refocus your brain for the weeks ahead.

To make sure your vehicle and auxiliary batteries are ready for your weekend away, you need a reliable battery charger to keep your fridge and other accessories running at their peak.

Thunder’s range of six intelligent chargers will suit all of the popular batteries and vehicles in the current Australian/New Zealand market. What makes them intelligent is their charging algorithm, which automatically assesses the best way to charge the battery.

Operating on an eight stage charging program makes it easier for the charger to pick up any faults that may exist within a battery, including calcium build up. Each charger has a preset calcium charge function that can be selected at the push of a button; it’s this functionality and intelligent design that helps to preserve the life of your battery and ensure maximum charge.

Within the Thunder range are 20A and 30A chargers that come with the added function of a power supply mode with the 20A charger outputting 10 Amps at 13.7 Volts and the 30A charger outputting 15 Amps at 13.7 Volts.

All chargers have an LED readout that shows which stage of charge your battery is up to with the Thunder logo illuminating in ten percent increments as your battery charges.

Battery chargers are new to the growing Thunder range and have been tested and developed to handle almost anything you can throw at them without breaking the bank.