Thunder’s LED Headlight Replacement kits are here! Offering a whiter, brighter light than conventional halogen globes, Thunder LED headlight inserts will deliver increased visibility on off-road tracks.

The range features multiple configurations making the lights suitable for many different headlight fittings. Additionally, the mounting plate on the base of the globe can be adjusted so the driver benefits from the optimal light output of the globe, depending on the vehicle.

The benefit of LED over halogen is the production of a whiter, brighter light, reducing eye strain and fatigue and providing maximum visibility for night off road driving, and allowing your eyes to adjust easily when switching between your LED driving lights and low beam. LEDs are more durable than halogen globes, particularly when using rough off road tracks, they last longer, and their current draw is far lower than their halogen counterparts.

The kits are easy to install and are available in H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H16, HB3 and HB4 configurations. Get your hands on your new LED headlights today at your local Thunder stockist or from our online store.