There’s no way to beat the heat like a dip in some crisp, cool water. One way to bring your fun to a swift halt, however, is if your valuables like your phone, non-waterproof watch or camera join you for a swim.

Thunder’s all-new PVC Dry Bag takes the risk out of water adventures and keeps your valuables both secure and dry, no matter the level of adventure you’re up for. Whether you’re likely to lose track of the tide and don’t want the incoming water to soak your dry stuff while you float about in the sea, or you’re a keen adventurer hitting the rapids in a raft, Thunder’s Dry Bag will stand up to the test.

The bag features tough, welded seams and a folding lock system for closure, making it completely water-tight. It’s made from heavy duty PVC so there’s no threat of tears or holes whilst adventuring. It offers 35L of storage whilst remaining ultra-light at just 500g, so it won’t be a burden and its carry strap makes it easy to get around.

Once your water adventure is over and your valuables secured, put your wet gear into the bag to keep the damp contained within the leak-proof seams, instead of soaking your vehicle or your dry clothes.

Thunder’s Dry Bag is an end-to-end water adventure solution; keeping valuables dry when on the water, and containing wet, soggy towels and clothes post adventure. Grab one for yourself today, at your local Thunder stockist or our online showroom.