The Thunder Solar range offers a complete portable charging solution, regardless of power requirements, available space or mounting options. With panels ranging from 50 – 240W, available in solid or folding, with the inclusion of 10 and 30A Solar Regulators, the range boasts everything you need for a complete solar charging setup.

Thunder Solar Panels are constructed from high quality monocrystalline cells, providing maximum efficiency and longevity. They are all equipped with heavy duty 6mm cables to reduce voltage drop.

Solid Solar Panels can be mounted directly to your caravan or camper, whilst the folding panels conveniently fold to half their size for storage and their collapsible legs mean they can be easily relocated to chase the sun.

Also included in the range are two solar regulators (30A included with folding panels), allowing connection to your battery or DC-DC Charger. The regulator moderates current flow and prevents overcharging, extending the life of your battery.

The diverse range offered by Thunder Solar Panels allows you to create a simple, portable charging solution to help power your next weekend escape. For more information check out the complete Solar range in the product showroom.