Thunder Auto is proud to support Wayne Gilroy and his 2005 VZ Commodore Modified Sedan in the 2017 racing season for Speedway Sedans Australia.

Speedway Sedans Australia (SSA) is a nationally recognized governing body where participants race many different classes of cars on dirt speedway tracks all over the country. Wayne Gilroy competes in the popular racing class, Modified Sedans, as it features common road vehicles which have been highly modified to suit the unique racing conditions. Popular makes are Holdens and Fords so SSA events bring to life the age-old ‘Holden v Ford’ rivalry on a local stage.

Wayne and his team of five have taken out many race wins and podiums throughout their racing career; Wayne is a second generation Speedway racer and his dad built the vehicle’s engine, this is a team with racing experience in their blood.

This particular racing class features unique challenges. As it is raced on an ever changing dirt track, conditions are highly subject to change, all of which requires the ‘set up’ of the vehicle to be modified, with changes to things like shockies, stagger, tyre compounds, gear ratios and tyre pressure.

It’s difficult to anticipate what the conditions will be, and knowing your car as well as monitoring track data from previous events can help, but Wayne says it really comes down to experience and sometimes just getting up on wheel.

Heat races can be between 10 and 12 laps, however the feature race is generally 40 laps so the vehicle requires close monitoring to ensure it is meeting the demands of the changing track surface and can last the duration of the race.

Wayne says the 2005 VZ Commodore was selected for its lighter body, making it easier to modify to increase speed and agility, however on further questioning the real truth comes out; “I’m a Holden man”.

Wayne and the team debuted their newly kitted out vehicle on the weekend and after a rough start with a non-finish due to a broken steering component in heat one, they took out first place in heat 2 and second in heat 3, qualifying fifth in the feature race which ended with an overall win!

Congratulations team, we can’t wait to see what else ‘The Hornet’ has in store!