There is an abundance of things you need to remember while driving. We all have been told since the beginning of time that we should be actively checking our surroundings whilst being behind the wheel. It’s easy enough to do this in your own vehicle but in the event that you’re driving a used or older car, your familiarities are thrown out the door. Many current model cars come with cameras and proximity detectors, but in the event you don’t have a top end model, you won’t receive such benefits.

Briefly checking your mirrors and shoulder checks prior to entering a busy highway or merging into peak hour traffic commonly results in you being beeped, frightened and have potentially caused an angry motorist. There are countless areas where blind spots can happen. They can be from the windscreen, rear view mirror, headrests, side mirrors or simply overloading your car.

Thunder has just launched a ‘plug & play’ blind spot warning kit with LED and audible alerts. The kit comes with 2 x rear bumper digital sensors and wiring harness. Sensors will detect vehicle blind spot is an area around the vehicle that cannot be directly sited by the driver whilst being behind the wheel of the car.

Thunder have made installation a breeze with the kit being easily installed at home by simply using existing wiring and minimal cutting and hole saw action required.

You can’t put a price on safety,  the all new aftermarket kit is universal between passenger vehicles and 4WD’s making it a must have for all motorists.