The much anticipated Thunder Recovery range is here and ready to help you out of any sticky situation.

Whilst no one likes to admit that their vehicle will ever need a recovery, there’s nothing quite like being the hero and rescuing your 4×4 companions when they find themselves up a creek without a paddle. What’s more, everyone knows that it’s only when you don’t have insurance that you have an accident – the same goes for recovery gear; you can never be too prepared.

The range covers everything you will need for a recovery, from gloves and dampers to tree trunk protectors, snatch straps and winches. The entire Thunder range is priced with adventure in mind. Don’t break the bank with overpriced 4×4 equipment. Thunder has the products you need to keep you and your family safe without getting in the way of taking the adventures you deserve.

The complete range, all of which has been independently tested above rated breaking strength includes:

Should snatching not be a suitable option, Thunder also offers two winches, rated at 9,500lb and 12,500lb; both of which are equipped with genuine Dyneema® rope for strength and durability. Both models are equipped with both wired and wireless remotes for safety. Also available is a mounting bar for alloy bullbars, standard and offset fairleads and two additional sizes of Dyneema® rope; 9.5mm x 26m and 11mm x 24m to allow for the replacement of work and stretched steel rope.

Thunder offers everything you need to get you ready for your next weekend escape, with the best quality products, at an excellent price. For more information, check out the online shop.