Here at Thunder we believe the number one must have accessories are a portable fridge, UHF radio and DCDC Charger.

However, the thought process of fitting your rig out with 4WD accessories or modifications can be daunting. Do you opt for a lift kit and wheels first? Do you install a snorkel or do you fit the interior out with the latest mods? There’s no point in having a fridge full of cold beers and food if you can’t keep it cold right? Thunder have two DC-DC models offering 20A and 40A power input.

What size DCDC model should I be using?

Battery charger size is based on the overall battery capacity you’re planning to install as well as what loads you would normally run when the battery charger is running.

When considering the size of the charger, it’s important to remember that the charging source will supply all of the DC loads first. Whatever is left over will charge the auxiliary battery.

For example if you have installed a 20 A DCDC Charger and you’re running a fridge, LED strip lighting at 10 amps you will only have 10 amps to charge the battery.

Charge Rate:

Charge rates differ between vehicles depending what loads you have drawing off the auxiliary battery. The greater the load, the longer the charge time. For example if you have two fridges, a few LED lights, phones and laptops drawing off the battery you will find the DC-DC charger will almost always be charging.

Daily Driving Distance:

If you only drive short distances each day and have a large load drawing off the charger we recommend the 40A DCDC Charger. If you’re touring around on long trips and have minimal load drawing we recommend the 20A DCDC Charger.

If you’re interested in Thunder’s full range of battery management accessories click here or visit your local Thunder stockist.